Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Possible Itinerary

Apols for the hiatus in this blog - my sister got married at the weekend so a lot of time was spent getting ready for that.  All went well so back to planning this America trip.  

In a statement-of-the-blindingly-obvious, I remarked to a friend at the weekend that America is a "big old place".  The photo below shows my dining room table at the moment - an enormous 1:4,000,000 map of America with my little sticky tabs showing where I might want to visit.  Vast isn't it...

Based on a two month trip, this is my latest thinking of places that I want to visit and what I'd do there.

- Woonsocket, Massachusetts.  Not just because of the amazing name, but because the retailer CVS are based there.
- Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Unsurprisingly, the Hershey chocolate company is based here.
- Cincinnati, Ohio.  Hoping to get to visit some contacts at P&G and also visit Kroger.

- Detroit, Michigan.  To visit what's left of the American car industry but also see some of the urban decay as outlined here and here
- Chicago, Illinois.  To visit the Roosevelt University and also the home of Pullman railroad cars
- Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The home of Target
- Seattle, Washington.  Hoping to visit Microsoft and also Amazon. 
(Hoping to get between Chicago - Minneapolis-Seattle on the Amtrak)
- Cupertino, California.  Home of Apple.
- Boulder City, Nevada.  A true Company Town for when the Hoover Dam was built.
- Bentonville, Arkansas.  Where WalMart call home.    
- Atlanta, Georgia.  Hoping to get to visit the guys at Home Depot
- Washington, DC.  Planning to time it to be there for the American Presidential election on 6th November.
- New York, New York.  To visit the Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
- And then, home. 


If anyone has got any tips or offers of accommodation then please let me know either on a comment or via my twitter feed

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