Saturday, 29 December 2012

Public Service Announcement

I've been having a think about the future of this blog.  I originally set it up for when I was in America and I loved the time that I had to think and write whilst over there.  I've really missed this time (hello, having two jobs) and also the stimulus to write since I've been back but want to find some way of getting this back.  

I've decided (as a mini-New Years Resolution) to find time to do more writing and so have made the decision to keep the blog going but retitle it as "Notts and Bolts".  It's going to be much less frequently updated than when I was in America but hopefully a bit more wide ranging about things that are going on in and around Nottingham that I find interesting.  

I've also spent a lot of the Christmas break writing my final report for the Nottingham Roosevelt Travelling Scholarship which once it's finally finished I will upload here for anyone that's interested.