Friday, 13 April 2012

Final Selection Stage

I now have the details of the final selection stage for the Nottinghamshire Roosevelt Travelling Scholarship I'm hoping to take advantage of.  The stage consists of a ten minute presentation with up to 15 minutes for questions.  The presentation needs to cover the following topics;

  1. Project objectives
  2. Outline itinerary
  3. Contacts in America and level of support from employer
  4. How the Scholarship experience will benefit my career and my employer
  5. Plans for self development outside of your specific project
  6. Plans to disseminate discoveries during the trip and obtain publicity on return.  
So quite a bit to cram into 10 minutes!  Oh, and it's in front of 10-12 of the Trustees...

Need to do a lot of detailed thinking and planning over the next couple of weeks I think. 

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