Sunday, 8 April 2012


I've always enjoyed taking photographs but these days don't seem to have much time to do it.  It's annoying as I saved up for ages to afford this camera (including trading in my precious old film Contax) only for it to lie almost totally unused.  However, when I do get a chance to get out there and take some shots, I'm usually focused on the urban landscape that's around us all.  

The background of this blog is of the 'Futurist' building which users of the Ring Road in Nottingham will be very familiar with (probably whilst stuck in a traffic jam...) to the point of contempt, but I still think is one of the most striking Art Deco buildings in the city.  I was excited to hear that one of my favourite Nottingham photographers, Trish Evans, is planning to do some of her fantastic free-running photos on the roof, once all the health-and-safety stuff has been sorted out.  

If I get to go to America I'm hoping to take lots of photos, and will in particularly be focusing on the built environment that shapes our cities.  I'll also be interested in the sort of buildings that large companies choose to base themselves in - and how this affects their workforce and productivity.  I for one get a little tinge of excitement knowing that I work in a Grade II listed building which is part of a site with two of just a few Grade I listed buildings in the UK.  Does that make any sort of difference to the work that gets done there?  Perhaps not but I like the sense of history and place that it helps to create. 

I thought I'd share a handful of some of my photos from around Nottingham.  It was on my list of 'things to do this Easter weekend' to get out and take some more but not sure I'm going to have time now.  These are mainly of areas that have seen somewhat better days, but they're not typical of Nottingham of course...!

Old Midland Bank Building, Basford

This is just round the corner from the Fox and Crown pub if people know that area.  It's on the walk to the tram station from the pub so I always enjoy looking at it on the way.  The surrounding area has by-and-large been revamped and transformed into a light-industrial space but this building is still there and abandoned.  


I really like the faded patina of the wood boards and the door;

Warehouses off Ilkeston Road, Radford

I'm quite often around this area of Nottingham as I used to live just up the road and the leisure centre (John Carroll) is where my diving club meets.  I've always been intrigued by the warehouse buildings - they look huge from the outside and with the few exceptions now seem to be totally abandoned.  I wonder what it was like when in full swing compare with the eerie silence you can get on a Sunday morning now.  


The major industry now appears to be weed control and security which is a real shame.  I hope that some use gets found for this site soon enough before it falls apart. 

The surrounding area has some great sights too - the below is not posed, I really did find a 'morning after the night before' abandoned shoe in the middle of the road - just outside an abandoned pub it seemed quite fitting really.  

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